Sunday, April 7, 2019

An endless supply of nanocytes.

I have access to information that I know to my knowledge is true, and I know that the correspondence to my knowledge is true. 2 million years in the future there is anarchy because everyone has "nanobeads". Small subatomic machines that allow you to materialize whatever you need since there is no money. The nanobeads exist within your body, and allow you to do any function that a human needs to live such as measurement, energy for fuel, food and water, etc. They also have very scientifically advanced functions. There is anarchy because if someone tries to create government everyone gets together, and erases it from time. I'll tell you why me, the black panthers, all alien races involved in our development and the anarchists are strictly monitoring the access to nanomachines created with vibranium...

For 2 million years thereafter there is an effort to control the nanobeads, and restore government to the world. I happened to receive a transmission of nanobeads from an anarchist in Austin, TX several years ago. My name is Eric Gibson. I'm a musician in my spare time, and I write a style of music I call "cyberpunk"... I was told that I am one of the first people do this kind of music, and mine is by far the most popular during the time of the anarchists. I had a run-in with an anarchist I was given nanobeads.

How I got them... I was sitting in a bar and a guy with a pink mohawk walked up, and quickly put a tube on my wrist, and I heard a quick psst sound. This was the delivery method of nanobeads when you are born. I said "Hell yeah, thanks man." I immediately felt high. He walked off, and abruptly said "You're welcome..." I thought he just gave me a drug at first... I walked out of the bar with a buzz, and started my way home. I was really, really high. I never sobered up... I immediately went "He just gave me nanotubes... nanobeads... whatever they're called"... I started seeing if I could use them. I started changing peoples names, altering time, giving myself drugs, turning off a TV (for example). It seemed like I had them. What I was thinking was "Sweet, I'll live forever!"

Years before I was on an assignment with busting a major drug dealer in a major tourism state. This is how I found out about the black panthers. I didn't watch the movie until years after, or know the secrets of their organization until the months after. I knew they had space craft and that this is basically true, but I was unaware of the fact that they carry nanocytes... They are the same thing basically. I didn't know about that. I was spying on a drug dealer, and setting him up... I went outside to mow the lawn. I was mowing the lawn living right across the street from the drug dealer, and a 6 foot male dressed in African warrior garb swung an axe at me. It sparked off me, and he pulled his lip down. I thought he was an African alien (they exist).

He pulled out a tube of what I believe (now) is vibranium and handed it to me. I accepted it. The whole thing seemed kind of like a fantasy. I opened the canister, and it smelled like flowers. It was like blue static. I don't know why I would do that... that seems dangerous, but I just drank it. It tasted good but it hurt. I gasped, and lurched over. I got incredibly aroused. I didn't have the nanobeads yet... but it felt kind of the same with the exception that it hurt.

I didn't really notice this I remembered, but it didn't correlate to me that I lost weight, and I felt better afterwards... I didn't have cold sores anymore. I noticed that I wasn't buying an inhaler. It must have been a low dose. I was noticing weird "patterns" in my life where things started going in my favor, but I didn't really put it together. I busted the oxycodone dealer, went to jail and moved in with my parents and made myself as down and out as possible to cover it up.

I was in Austin, TX when he gave me what I believe are nanobeads (see previous). I shapeshifted to look like this:

I've been giving myself as much vibranium with my nanobeads as I can to see if I could and I noticed I started showing up in pictures blue:

Ever since that anarchist gave me nanobeads. I've been altering time in my favor. I just realized today... That vibranium comes from a natural source such as sedimentary stone.  Anarchists construct nanocytes. Today I went "put a milligram of pure vibranium in my blood stream..." Everything started glowing blue... I should do that in the bathroom... I have nanobeads... So I can just keep giving myself the element.

When I watched the movie I thought that may have been real. It called them"nanocytes"... That's what he gave me... That was the Black Panther. He had what was like a huge metal battle axe. Now he has nanobeads... because when he pulled his lip down out of respect (or whatever that means). I licked my forefinger, and slipped him some nanobeads. I asked him for some more, and I was helping him a lot so he obliged.

I realized today that I can easily synthesize vibranium with my nanobeads and give it to myself. So I'm just giving myself this strange blue liquid directly into my brain continuously and evolve into a God... I had severe diarrhea and vomiting at first, but I'm cleaned out... I feel nauseous, but I'm euphoric, and good.

Here is what I look like now... I'm glowing a pale blue hue:

I feel calm and serene... My headache and nausea are gone what I had when I was more of a purple-ish hue with the red rash all over my body.

Thank You For Your Interest,

Eric Gibson

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